Bob's Bundle - Real Effects Image Pack for Graphic Artists

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As used in our 3 Minute Max comic! An ever-growing collection of Bob's pre-keyed (transparent background) effects stills shot in 4K (8MP equiv.) for use in graphics, webcomics, book cover design, textures, and art in general. Fire, smoke, sparks, and more! The transparent backgrounds means these effects should simply drop into your Photoshop, Illustrator, or other high-end graphics program, ready for positioning, resizing, and/or desired filters. Over 400 real effects stills in the bundle so far and more will be added as Bob creates them! As a purchaser you will be notified each time new effects are added and they'll be yours to download for free! Get in early while the price is low - once you are a purchaser, you'll continue to receive free updates even if the price goes up! Royalty-free licensing document is included!

Partial list of effects included so far:

Blood- Pumpkins (15 images)

Explosion- Acetylene Bursts (34 images)

Explosion- Small Poof (4 images)

Fire- Burning Debris 01 (12 images)

Fire- Day 01 (24 images)

Fire- Day 02 (11 images)

Fire- Flames (28 images)

Smokes- Black (22 images)

Smokes- Smokes 01 (27 images)

Sparks- Showers (9 images)

Sparks- Sparkfalls (15 images)

Sparks- Surface (22 images)

Streaks- Black Smoke Star (5 images)

Streaks- Ember (17 images)

ADDED Explosions- Gilson Fire Blasts (58 images)

ADDED Fire- Propane Bursts (60 images)

ADDED Explosions- Propane Ground Bursts (17 images)

ADDED Debris- Glass Shatters (33 images)

ADDED Smoke- Steam Vents (49 images)

ADDED: Gunstuff- Bullet Holes Windshield

ADDED: Fire- FlamePuffsAndRoars (102 images)

ADDED: Gunstuff- Bullet Hits On Concrete (28 images)

ADDED: Gunstuff- Pistol Muzzle Flashes (19 images)

ADDED: Water- Fire Sprinklers and Water Sprays (70 images)

ADDED: Fire- Spot Fires Grass (10 images)

ADDED: Explosion-Artillery Airbursts (43 images)

ADDED: Smoke-Smoke Wisps (40 images)

ADDED: Sparks- Spark Bursts (37 images)

ADDED: Sparks- Embers (100 images)

ADDED: Dust- Blowing Dust (80 images)

ADDED: Gunstuff- Bullet Strikes Ground and Wall (130 images)

ADDED: Gunstuff- Muzzle Flashes with Smoke (40 images)

ADDED: Gunstuff- Pistol, Rifle, and Heavygun Muzzle Flashes (110 images)

ADDED: Explosion-Dixie Fireball Assortment (120 images)

ADDED: Sparks-Silver Gerb Angles Assortment (50 images)

ADDED: Rockets- Line Rockets Assortment (100 images)

ADDED: Blood- Blood Shots and Splurts

ADDED: Fire- Small (10ft high) Kerosene Fireballs With Sparks (20 images)

ADDED: Fire- Cremoras (28 images)

ADDED: Explosion- Sandblasters with Sparks - Ground and Wall (98 images)

ADDED: Fire- Wood Torch (20 images)

ADDED: Explosion- Thunderpipe Fireballs (75 images)

ADDED: Explosion- More Gilsonite Mortar Blasts (140 images)

ADDED: Smoke- Black Smoke Billowing Columns (55 images)

ADDED: Explosion- Dirt Bangs (55 images)

ADDED: Smoke- Willy Petes (22 images)

ADDED: Glass-Windshield Shots (16 images)

ADDED: Explosion-GilAirbursts

ADDED: Fire-Flamethrowers (40 images)

ADDED: Sparks-Spark Pops (100 images)

ADDED: Embers-Disintegrator (20 images)

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Bob's Bundle - Real Effects Image Pack for Graphic Artists

2 ratings
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